My Platform


  • sensible state legislation that benefits the rural economy of the 7th LD
  • quality PUBLIC education in Washington State
  • local community colleges that address the critical need in the 7th LD
  • treating broadband internet access as an essential utility
  • veterans (present and past) who serve our nation and communities
  • stimulating public transportation programs in the 7th LD
  • keeping competitive business practices
  • affordable and quality health care and not closing rural hospitals
  • energy innovations and independence
  • the second amendment

I understand that as citizens, taxes are a responsibility; however, we need fair implementation based on individual incomes and then we need to spend wisely.


  • in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness¬† That these rights include access to: the finest public education; healthcare; clean air and water; safe food sources; and our public lands
  • that we need to honor with dignity the diverse voices of ALL people
  • we must attract living wage jobs to the 7th LD
  • in safe communities
  • that families and small businesses deserve government protection
  • in fiscally sound, honest, transparent and accountable government
  • in reducing taxes that unfairly burden the middle classes and retirees
  • that citizens can make their own medical choices without interference
  • that legislators need to work closely together in the spirit of cooperation
  • in accessible voting with postage paid ballots and more drop boxes

I encourage ALL citizens to become involved in community service, and to actively participate in local government, national affairs, and with initiatives that benefit the common good.


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  • commented 2017-09-26 10:41:59 -0700
    I support Susan because she has served our country before and has continued to do so for decades. Please support by contributing!

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